About Us

Rational Pilot provides platform, services and support to companies seeking to improve data-driven decisions.


We believe that advanced analytics should be accessible to everyone and should help people intuitively understand vital relationships within complex data sets. We also believe that data extraction and analysis have limited value unless paired with conversational and collaboration tools that empower teams to develop and share their process of data-driven discovery.


Erik Warren

Erik has spent 13 years in finance, including roles in portfolio construction, risk management, analysis and consulting. He also has an additional 7 years in FP&A roles in various operating companies, most recently at Hibernia Networks, a privately held network services company. He graduated from the University of Florida with an Economics degree and received a Masters in Economics from Temple University.

Matt Johnson

​Matt has held various operational, technical and product management roles throughout his 20 year career in telecom and tech. He was a co-founder of MediaXstream, a venture-backed startup acquired by Hibernia Networks where Matt was SVP Product & Strategy.