Forecast. Measure. Communicate.

Give your teams the tools to establish and manage data-driven expectations.

Reduce Bias

Understand what's truly happening and where your business is going.

Teams that set objective benchmarks consistently outperform. Rational Pilot's system provides multiple benchmarks utilizing your own historical data to help identify your operating functions. With proprietary algorithms, we help teams identify timing risk as well as identifying trends that are slowing or accelerating relative to historical data.

Visualize Trends

Measure company performance easily and accurately

Projects can be initiated by anyone by uploading a spreadsheet. All of our analysis tools are accessible via a mouse click. There's no programming involved. As your team uses the system, they'll find we also support integration with your database as well as a host of other third-party formats and sources. We also support downloading of all of your datasets and analysis into a spreadsheet so you're never locked into our system.

Rolling Forecasts

Set and measure progress towards milestones.

Forecasting isn't just about utilizing software and math-intensive formulas. It is also about process. The best forecasts are the ones that are revisited frequently and adjusted. This isn't about being able to see the future. It's about adjusting your view of the future by incorporating data-driven insights.

Review your results relative to live benchmarks and your own forecasts. Make adjustments as conditions warrant. Rational Pilot is like a constant analyst that helps you identify where to break down large objectives into smaller and more specific milestones.

Better Communication

Connect chat, tasks, questions, and answers with your analysis

As your teams gain insights, we enable everyone to communicate key findings by associating chat directly with the data and analysis. This capture of institutional knowledge helps companies remember key findings from period to period or even after key contributors have changed positions or have left the company altogether.

Generous Support

We provide a guiding hand to help you get the most from your data

It's not uncommon for companies to spend 80% or more of their analysis time acquiring and transforming data into a form that is usable by their models. We can help. Whether it's ETL (Exctract, Transform, Load), model design, data acquisition, custom programming or working with your team to build and refine processes, we are here to help you maximize what you can achieve from your data.

From the Bit to the Boardroom

Rational Pilot is committed to helping companies enrich their most critical processes with our easy-to-use analytical tools and support services.